Regulations on Contribution

Article 1 Qualification

It is a principle that, as a member of this Society, he or she has paid his or her dues of the year of contribution and has finished an oral presentation at the regular symposium or the subcommittee conference, in order to be entitled to contribute a paper.

- Except for the case where the editorial board has acknowledged the entitlement to contributions among guest speakers and members who have paid their dues for the recent 2 years.
- The presented paper means the one that has been presented only within this Society or the Korea-Japan Research Association.


Article 2 Areas of Contribution

The paper should have original contents which have never been published in the existing internal and external journals, covering theories, creative research, or criticism or proposals from a new perspective in areas related to Japanese Studies such as Japanese linguistics, Japanese literature, Japanese language education, studies on Japanese history and literature, Japanese education, and Japanese folklore.


Article 3 Used Language and Loanword Orthography

The body of a paper should be written in Japanese, Korean or English with the abstract in English. When Japanese or other foreign languages are written in Korean, the Korean orthography of loanwords is applied.


Article 4 Journal Publication

This Society publishes its Journal four times a year on a regular basis (on February 28th, May 31st, August 31st, and November 30th).


Article 5 How to Contribute

1) The copy file prepared in accordance with regulations on contribution is sent through this Society’s homepage before each date of December 31st, March 31st, June 30th, and September 30th.
2) The last page of the contributed paper should include authors’ personal data as follows:


【 Author’s Personal Data】

①Paper title (in Korean and English)
②Author’s name (in Korean and English)
③ Workplace
⑥Address (zip code included)
⑦ Phone numbers (home, workplace and cell phone)
⑧ Email address
⑨ Presentation date
⑩ Presentation place
⑪ Contribution date


Article 6 Volume of a Paper

When edited in accordance with methods of writing a paper, the entire paper should be 16 – 20 pages only including the abstract, the body and references. If the author presents a paper of beyond 20 pages, he or she should pay a fee for extra printing (10,000 KRW per each extra page).


Article 7 Paper Examination

Only papers which meet regulations on contribution and the method of writing a paper as defined by the Korea-Japan Research Association are subject to examination. The editorial board commissions three professional paper examiners specific to paper areas and then determine the publication based on the examination result.


Article 8 Paper Modification and Proofreading

The editorial board may asks an author to correct his or her paper based on the examiners’ opinions, and the contributor should follows the request without special circumstances. Also, the author is responsible for proofreading the copy of his or her paper that has been determined to be printed.


Article 9 Fees for Examination and Printing

Any fees for examination and printing should be transferred to the account of the Society when the paper is submitted and the determination of printing the paper has been notified, respectively.

1. Examination fee: 60,000KRW per paper
2. Printing fee
1) General paper: 100,000KRW
2) Non-presented or funded paper: 200,000KRW
3) Non-presented and funded paper: 250,000KRW
4) Paper presented by a graduate school student or part-time lecturer: 50,000KRW

However, in case of a joint research paper by part-time lecturers or graduate school students: 100,000KRW


Article 10 Offprint

Two copies of this Journal and ten copies of the offprint are presented to a contributor whose paper has been submitted to this Journal.


Article 11 Digital Publication

All papers submitted to this Journal are e-published through this Society’s homepage and external publishers.


Article 12 Copyright

The copyright of a paper printed on this Journal is jointly shared by this Society and the author.


Article 13 Printing Certification

The printing (expected) certificate is issued only after the editorial board determines the printing.