Introduction of this Journal

◎ Objectives and Scope

“Japanese Language and Literature”, the Journal published by this Society, exposes the outcomes resulting from fields such as Japanese linguistics, Japanese literature, Japanese language education, and Japanese Studies, thus contributing to invigorated relevant studies and academic development. Moreover, it is making big strides as an international journal by publishing this open Journal, which is shared by all people on the globe who perform Japan related research.


◎Journal Information

Journal Name Japanese Language and Literature (listed on KCI)
Abbreviation of the Journal JALALIDA
ISSN 1226-4660
Imprint 4 times annually (February, May, August, November)
First Issue 1991
Language Korean, Japanese, English


◎ How to Subscribe

1. Apply to the executive office (
2. After the application is accepted, 2 copies of the corresponding Journal will be delivered.
3. Subscription fee (based on one year): group – 50,000 KRW; person – 10,000 KRW